Who is Buried Bridge?



Patrick Marshall - Producer & Host, Jobtalk

After a decade of making short films, Patrick began producing podcasts. He started Buried Bridge as a vehicle for collaborating with other storytellers. When he's not interviewing people for JobTalk, he works in finance and strategy roles for a Toronto-based merchant bank.

Stephen Price - Technical Producer

Stevie eats, sleeps and breathes audio. He even mixes it. From war documentaries and nature shows to engineering live concerts, he does it all. An unrepentant gear-head, when he’s not taking apart and rebuilding his sound studio he indulges his passion for slapstick and manages a rest home for senile cats with toileting issues.

Andrew Webster - Host, In the game

Andy is a sports fanatic. He's worked in broadcasting for over a decade covering everything from baseball to curling. His unique insight and easy style have made him a trusted voice on programs such as Bahamas Sports Radio and Sportsnet 360. As host of In The Game, Andy examines some of the most famous (or infamous) moments in sports history through the lens of players who didn’t necessarily share the limelight. This show is in development.