JobTalk is a show about people and the work they do

Episode 1: Chris Byrne / Second Unit Director. Chris talks about car chases, horse spleens and managing personalities in his role as Second Unit Director on Hannibal, NBC's psychological thriller–horror television series developed by Bryan Fuller. He describes television and film as one of the few remaining professions where you can get your start as an apprentice.

Episode 2: Beverly Bate - Registered Nurse. In 30 years as a registered nurse Beverly Bate has done it all. From the emergency room to community health, critical care, pediatrics, and palliative care, she attributes the key to a successful career in medicine as a genuine interest in people and relentless desire to learn.

Episode 3: David Steele - Sales Director. From the boardroom to the barn, David explains what selling access control systems has in common with developing and raising his own line of sheep. He talks about football, yet another pastime, and what it takes to be respected as an international referee. The son of a headmaster, David is passionate about the growing need for skilled tradesmen, the pace of change and the importance of finding balance personally and professionally.

Episode 4: Andy Webster - Sports Broadcaster. Andy talks about his love for sports and what it’s like covering everything from the NBA to cross country skiing in the Olympics. He discusses how competitive the business can be, the importance of being persistent and why sometimes the best career advice comes from your mom.

Episode 5: Robert McKeon - Head Concierge. From managing demonic encounters to chartering fishing boats, Robert's done it all as concierge at the Warwick Hotel in New York. He shares his thoughts on the evolution of the hospitality industry, the impact of social media and the demise of hotel restaurants. The key to success as a concierge? Have a genuine interest in people and, above all, know your city.

Episode 6: Paul Prior - Programmer & Tech Lead. From web-dating applications to Groupon clones, Paul’s worked as developer in some of the fastest growing Internet companies. Finding physics and applied mathematics wanting, he charted a course from computer repair in an appliance store to tech lead, teaching himself PHP and Java Script along the way, not to mention learning how to pick the good start-ups from the bad.